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General conditions

The following general conditions, latest versions, are exclusively applicable to all our activities and services, depending on the type of services and activities performed:

  • Road carriage: AVC (General Transport Conditions of Stichting Vervoeradres).
  • Forwarding activities: the Dutch Forwarding Conditions (General Conditions of the FENEX), including the law and arbitration clause.
  • Storage: the Dutch Warehousing Conditions (deposited by the FENEX), including the law and arbitration clause

The above general conditions can be found from www.fenex.nl, or will be sent to you free upon request.

The forwarder’s liability in case of loss or damage is limited by our general conditions. The shipper is therefore advised to consider additional transportation/storage insurance. Upon shipper’s request Your Cargo Contact B.V. can be of service for additional insurances.


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